Agenda Focus Day 1

Thursday December 3, 2020

  • Operator-led Strategies For Reducing Costs And Managing Water In The Current Shut-down Environment, In Order To Deliver Sustainable Short-term Margins - Reducing Immediate Opex Whilst Positioning For A 2021 Restart
  • Strategies For Disposal Techniques In The Short And Long Term - Proven Overall Approaches To Low Cost Disposal During 2020, And Strategies For Increased Efficiency In 2021+
  • Cost-effective Transportation Methodologies
  • Disposal Formations And Reservoir Characterization
  • Approaches To Water Sharing In The Permian Basin - Maintaining And Establishing Sharing Agreements With Other Operators For Mutual Benefit
  • Practical Considerations Of Sharing Produced Water For Completions
  • Benefits Of Sharing Water Infrastructure In Short And Long Term
  • Role Of New Technologies In Increasing Water Transfer/Disposal Efficiency
  • Reducing Transport Maintenance Costs
  • Improving Tracking Capabilities

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Agenda Focus Day 2

Friday December 4, 2020

  • Understanding How Current And Incoming Regulation Will Impact Buried Pipeline Infrastructure, Reporting For Disposal And Emissions, And Surface Water Discharge - Strategies For Regulatory Compliance And Sustainability In The Permian Basin
  • Impact Of New Mexico Air Emission Regulations
  • Texas Buried Pipeline Infrastructure Permitting
  • How And Where Operators In The Permian Basin Have Seen Success In Implementing Cost-effective New Technologies For The Treatment Of Produced Water For Reuse - And How Existing Technologies Have Been Employed During The Shutdown Period
  • Effectiveness Of Aeration Technique In Water Treatment
  • Adopting Ceramic Filtration Vs Chemical Treatments
  • Applications Of Beneficial Reuse In The Agricultural Sector, And Opportunities For Cost-savings And Increased Profitability
  • Positioning The Industry For A Strong Recovery In 2021 And Implementing
  • And Adapting To Key Takeaways For A Profitable Next Five Years+

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