Agenda Focus Day 1

Thursday December 3, 2020

  • Operator-led Strategies For Reducing Costs And Managing Water In The Current Shut-down Environment, In Order To Deliver Sustainable Short-term Margins - Reducing Immediate Opex Whilst Positioning For A 2021 Restart
  • Strategies For Disposal Techniques In The Short And Long Term - Proven Overall Approaches To Low Cost Disposal During 2020, And Strategies For Increased Efficiency In 2021+
  • Cost-effective Transportation Methodologies
  • Disposal Formations And Reservoir Characterization
  • Approaches To Water Sharing In The Permian Basin - Maintaining And Establishing Sharing Agreements With Other Operators For Mutual Benefit
  • Practical Considerations Of Sharing Produced Water For Completions
  • Benefits Of Sharing Water Infrastructure In Short And Long Term
  • Role Of New Technologies In Increasing Water Transfer/Disposal Efficiency
  • Reducing Transport Maintenance Costs
  • Improving Tracking Capabilities

About our Virtual Events

American Business Conferences and sister company LBCG are pioneering the way for virtual events that deliver the same level of premium content that you would expect at one of our physical events. We have researched this event in detail with end users to ensure that the program delivers genuine need-to-know information and valuable content. At the time of writing the Covid-19 virus has radically altered the way in which businesses operate, and many of our virtual events will reflect the issues, challenges and solutions involved in adjusting to this new reality.

How Does It Work?

You will be sent a link to access the virtual event a few days before the event start date, together with a user name and password to login.

You need a laptop or computer with decent internet connection, to watch the speakers presentations and panel discussions, and you will use your computers' built-in microphone and camera for your participation in any roundtable discussions with groups of other delegates.

Questions can be posed to the speakers at any time by typing them in to the Q&A box - these will be fielded to the speakers by the moderator, working in the background.

As with a live event, technical support is on hand from our platform provider throughout the event. There is also a widget for users to access help at any time if they experience any issues with connecting to or navigating the platform.

And just like in a real conference, you can chat to other participants via our online forum. You can see who is logged in and 'in the room' at any time by visiting this section and post messages to individual participants online. You can also visit the sponsor and exhibitor pages during the conference and obtain resources and information from them, or set up a meeting or conversation.


All the sessions take place in real-time, but if you miss any sessions, don't worry, everything is recorded and available to watch again on the virtual event platform after the event has taken place. You can log back in whenever you like.

Agenda Focus Day 2

Friday December 4, 2020

  • Understanding How Current And Incoming Regulation Will Impact Buried Pipeline Infrastructure, Reporting For Disposal And Emissions, And Surface Water Discharge - Strategies For Regulatory Compliance And Sustainability In The Permian Basin
  • Impact Of New Mexico Air Emission Regulations
  • Texas Buried Pipeline Infrastructure Permitting
  • How And Where Operators In The Permian Basin Have Seen Success In Implementing Cost-effective New Technologies For The Treatment Of Produced Water For Reuse - And How Existing Technologies Have Been Employed During The Shutdown Period
  • Effectiveness Of Aeration Technique In Water Treatment
  • Adopting Ceramic Filtration Vs Chemical Treatments
  • Applications Of Beneficial Reuse In The Agricultural Sector, And Opportunities For Cost-savings And Increased Profitability
  • Positioning The Industry For A Strong Recovery In 2021 And Implementing
  • And Adapting To Key Takeaways For A Profitable Next Five Years+

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Now Available For The 2020 Virtual Event

Contact the ABC team at to reserve strategic speaking slots and/or exhibition booths at the the 4th Annual Produced Water Management Recycling, Re-Use And Disposal Permian Basin 2020, where E&Ps are on the look out for the latest reuse treatement technologies, disposal and water handling solutions.


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