Agenda Focus Day 1

Day 1 - Tuesday July 16, 2019

  • Operator Strategies For Optimizing The Water Balance: Establishing Best Practices For Cost Effectively Managing The Entire Water Cycle
  • Technical Requirements For Successful Frac Completions: Assessing Optimal Treatment Chemistries & Techniques For Reuse
  • Panel Session On Water Quality Standards For Reuse: Establishing Water Treatment Levels Specifically For Reuse And Completions
  • Effective Treatment For Reuse Case Study In The Delaware Basin: Analyzing Technical Data And Chemical Compositions For Treating Produced Water
  • Outlining Technical Requirements For Frac Jobs: Assessing Different Chemistries And Standards Of Treating Water For Frac Jobs
  • Latest Recycle And Reuse Technologies: Repurposing Water And Reducing Disposal Volumes Through New Technologies
  • Storage And Treatment Options: Examine Treatment Technologies For "On The Fly" Vs. Centralized Storage And Treatment
  • Biocide Scaling: Best Practices To Test Bacteria In Water And Combat Biocide Scaling To Improve Well Performance
  • Pipeline Development: Evaluating Industry Trends On Pipeline Design To Increase Produced Water Volume Handling Capacity
  • Minimizing Infrastructure Costs: Assess The Potential Reducing Water Transfer Costs Through Cutting Edge Automation And AI


Day 2 Agenda

Agenda Focus Day 2

  • E&P Led Panel Discussion: Formulating An Effective Strategy For Increasing Disposal Well Capacity
  • Regulatory Panel On Disposal & Water Transfer: Understand How New Proposed Legislation Will Impact Disposal, Beneficial Reuse And Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Determining Optimal Deep Well Injectivity: Identifying Reservoir Characterization For Disposal Wells
  • Desalination Technologies: Effective Desalt Whilst Tackling Sludge And Brine In Produced Water
  • Beneficial Reuse: Evaluate Advanced Technologies For Costs Effective Reuse
  • Quality Standards For Water Disposal: Defining Quality Standards For Safe Surface Discharge
  • Automating Pits: Integrating Automation And Latest Sensor Technologies To Determine Water Levels In Pits
  • Disposal And Induced Seismicity: Analyzing Technical Data And Seismic Research To Identify The Long Term Environmental Impact Of Water And Disposal In The Permian

E&Ps Represented At Last Year's Event

ConocoPhillips Company,Anadarko Petroleum, ExxonMobil, Discovery Natural Resources, Parsley Energy, Apache, Concord Energy, Centennial Resources,Chevron, Guidon Energy, EQT, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Shell Exploration & Production, Rice Exploration,WPX Energy, Halliburton, Murphy Oil, Crownquest Operating, Oasis Petroleum, Pioneer Natural Resources, Gulfport Energy,  Jetta Operating, Cimarex Energy, Aethon Energy & more

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Now Available For 2019

Contact the ABC team at to reserve strategic speaking slots and/or exhibition booths at the the 3rd Annual Produced Water Management Recycling, Re-Use And Disposal Permian Basin 2019, where E&Ps are on the look out for the latest reuse treatement technologies, disposal and water handling solutions.


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