Seminar & Day 1 Agenda

Seminar - Monday July 16, 2018

  • SWD Permitting, Deep Well Injection & Seismicity Regulations
  • Oklahoma Geological Survey Briefing

Day 1 - Tuesday July 17, 2018

  • Full Lifecycle Water Management Strategies : Cost-Effectively Handle Water Over The Full Life Of The Well 'From Sourcing To Disposal'
  • Recycling & Reuse Vs. Disposal : Establish A Robust Water Management Strategy Where Cost & Seismic Risk Is Minimized
  • Water Quality & Frac Compatibility : Account For Varying Water Qualities And Impact On Well Performance
  • Minimum Treatment Level : Absolute Minimum Water Treatment Required Before Re-Injecting Water On A Frac
  • Reusing 100% Produced Water : New Ways Of Utilizing Untreated, 100% Produced Water On Fracs
  • Using Blended Water For Recycling & Reuse : Using A Combination Of Produced Water And Fresh/Brackish Water
  • Produced Water Qualities Treatment Case Studies : Managing Solids, Scale & Bacteria
  • Cutting-Edge Treatment Technologies : Real World Insight On Electrocoagulation, Aeration And Separation Technologies

Water Sourcing & Produced Water Management Permian Basin 2018

Total active rig count is now over 950, with nearly 50% rigs firing up in the Permian Basin. For every barrel of oil, operators are now recovering 8-10 barrels of water. With the sheer volumes of water being used for bigger fracs, on single and multi-well pads, E&Ps are now looking at upwards of 250,000 barrels of water versus 50-60,000 barrels five years ago. With required volumes of water growing larger every quarter, there is an even stronger need for a coordinated effort amongst operators, technology, treatment and transfer service providers, to find a collaborative way to manage water not just for short-term fraccing, but for the long-term future of the Permian Basin.

American Business Conferences' flagship 2nd Annual Permian Water Management Congress returns to Houston this July with a distinct focus on how to make commercial, economic decisions relative to development plans, and control the Permian basin's biggest cost drivers, including cost of Water Sourcing, Full-Scale Treatment cost for Recycling & Reuse, cost of Produced Water Disposal and Gathering, Transportation & Storage

Pre-Conference Seminar: July 16, 2018


Injection Well Permitting, Faulting & Seismicity Policies
Understand Policies On SWD Permitting, Deep & Shallow Well Injection, Faulting And Seismic Activity

Including: Oklahoma Case Study

Two Day E&P-Driven Conference: July 17 & 18, 2018

Day 1 Focus : Full Life-Cycle Water Management Strategies > Water Quality & Minimum Treatment Levels > Recycling & Reuse Case Studies > Treatment For Solids, Scale & Bacteria

Day 2 Focus : Produced Water Disposal > Water Sourcing > Pipeline Design & Construction > Water Transfer, Automation Solutions & Storage Strategies > New Evolving Midstream Models

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Day 2 Agenda

Day 2 - Wednesday July 18, 2018

  • Safely & Economically Dispose Produced Water : Lessons Learned On How To Manage Excess Water Through Traditional & Alternative Disposal Methods
  • Water Sourcing Strategies : From Source Selection To Economics To Operational Optimization
  • Ensure Sustainability Of Fresh Water Sources : Opportunities For Refilling, Replenishing And Protecting Source-Water Aquifers
  • Automated Water Transfer : Learn How To Move Water With More Control, Less Manpower And Greater Accuracy
  • Pipeline Design & Construction : Examine Produced & Flowback Water Pipeline Designs And Software
  • Water Transfer & Storage Options : Assess Transportation Mechanisms And Storage Facilities To Improve Water Logistics
  • Examine The Evolving Midstream Model : Effectively Handling Water Comingling

E&Ps Represented At This Year's Event

ConocoPhillips Company, ExxonMobil, Rosehill Operating Company LLC, Discovery Natural Resources, PRI Operating LLC/Wolf Bone Ranch, Parsley Energy, WPX Energy, Crownquest Operating, WaterStone Resources, Chevron, Pioneer Natural Resources, Anadarko Petroleum, Gulfport Energy, Apache, Centennial Resources, Guidon Energy, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Shell Exploration & Production, Crimson Exploration, Jetta Operating, Cimarex Energy, Solaris Midstream, Goodnight Midstream, Summit Midstream, Aethon Energy & more

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Now Available For 2018

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